This post is from an older site of mine, at least one person found it interesting, so I’m keeping it.

My foray into vector graphics. I am very interested in logotype, branding, and so forth.

This is a collection of logos I have made for various purposes (such as the whale icon for this website). Beside them, I have included a short blurb about the logo.

Sample logos

E. Terry


Made this just for fun. A friend complained her name could not be balanced typographically. This could be a logo if she started an international shipping company.

Erik Kivimaki Photography


Made for a photographer friend. This logo attempts to convey his organic-ness (i.e. his attempts to make good photos with little post-processing); a seed sprouting. Also the sprials look like they’re from a Zelda game and he loves Zelda games.

Kutsunai Family Crest


A modern take on a family’s crest, just made to look cool. The guy ended up getting custom headphones with this image printed on the side. Slick.

M. Tang


Made this just for fun. If I ever start selling my own line of designer basketball shoes, this would be it.